RE: [AH] Modular spring reverb quality

From drew
Sent Sat, Mar 22nd 2008, 13:59

 	Before I get started with replies - Does anyone on or off the list 
do Eurorack-format custom work? I see that Metalbox does frac-format but 
not sure about Euro. I will almost certainly want to get a front-panel 
module with RCA jacks and switches for my reverb(s).

On Fri, 21 Mar 2008, Anthony Rolando wrote:

> Drew, the Doepfer Reverb module uses a smaller tank than most others out
> there... I find the shorter springs to be better for percussive sounds,
> and is great kicking, smacking or however else you want to shake it up.
> Overall, I really enjoy this module. The doepfer module is by no means
> HI-FI. If I remember correctly, it uses an off the shelf audio power amp
> IC similar what you might find in your television set. I love the sound.
> If you search the A-100 list, you will find a discussion regarding the
> use of other tanks with the Doepfer module. It is possible. You could
> rig up a switch panel to select between tanks... that would be dreamy,

 	(For reference, here's info on the A-199 Doepfer - - the sound sample on this 
page sounds pretty decent!)

 	It would be great to have a 10 or 20HP custom module built up with 
a switch panel to go between an internal tank and an external tank (with 
the tank I/O on the front panel, to make it easy to swap tanks.)

 	A couple years back I entered the Blacet contest and took 
runner-up for the "sample & hold & hold & hold" - directly below that on 
this page is "REVERB.jpg" which shows one of my earlier ideas for a reverb 

On Fri, 21 Mar 2008, Drew Neumann wrote:

> The Modcan might be worth a look too.  Or find a used early 80's Fostex
> spring unit (they made a nice rack one). Another Drew

 	Is the Fostex unit noisy? I used to have an Intersound PRV-1 which 
sounded decent but both the reverb circuit and EQ circuit were too noisy 
to use more than occasionally.

 	"Andrew" means "manly" in Greek (Andros)... :)

On Fri, 21 Mar 2008, Andre Majorel wrote:

>  "The TLN-156 Neural Agonizer is a voltage controlled spring
>  reverb processor. If you're looking for a smooth, natural
>  sounding reverb system to make your synthesizer sound like its
>  being played in the Concertgebouw, then go buy a Lexicon. This
>  is not your grandmother's reverb tank, this is a noxious tool
>  capable of inflicting some serious damage to your audio."

 	This looks pretty raucous. Anyone on the list have a quote for 
building one of these in Euro format? Or a source for a pre-built TLN-156?

 	I like the sounds that come from an EG+VCA in the feedback loop, 
it reminds me of "delay ducking", except, well, I guess it's reverb 
ducking. Haven't been able to do this before.

On Sat, 22 Mar 2008, Paul Perry wrote:

> In an ideal world I suppose one would have a solenoid that whacked the 
> spring reverb. And the solenoid would be controlled from the modular.
> But whether a small chunk of dampening foam, judiciously applied 
> by another
> solenoid to the springs would be going too far, I could not say.
> But I will say this: the VCS3 would not be what it is, sans spring.

 	Maybe this: plus this would do the trick?