Re: voyetra

From e-glide
Sent Thu, Feb 16th 1995, 03:40

>On Wed, 15 Feb 1995 15:29:58 -0500  e-glide wrote:
>>Just make sure you get a Rev 4.As far as maintenance is concerned, the best
>>Voyetra guru I know is Peter Lanzelotta of Double Take in NYC
>>(212-685-7900, 246 5th Ave, Rm.  #206, NYC, NY 10001)
>I echo all that you said about the Voyetra-8...  It's an incredible machine,
>a bitch to service, and yes, Peter is a hell of a guy.  In fact, he's such a
>hell of a guy that he's been playing housekeeper for my V8 since May of
>I'm not slamming Peter, really I'm not, but it should be known that Peter is
>one of three people in the *world* that can do serious work on a V8.

Um, who are the other two, just outta curiousity? ;-} I'd love to get their

>took my rev 3 up to a rev 4, an upgrade that must be done totally by hand
>these days.  Peter's also busy, and generally has a lot going on.  He's very
>gracious and all, but he declared my box done around the first week of
>September 1994, or about 5 months ago.  He's been paid in full, (my oops, I
>shoulda' had him ship it back COD for the balance due), and I talk to him
>about once a week.
>I guess the reason that I'm saying anything at all about this is just to
>point out that the Voyetra8, as cool as it is, is a real service nightmare,
>even for "just" a tuning and calibration, (100mhz dual trace scope, 4 1/2
>digit DMM, extender card for the bus, and a good 6+ hours of time if you've
>done it before).  Add to that the fact that there are no 100% correct
>schematics for the box, and no service procedures that have ever been
>written down for the various flavors and mixes of rev 3/rev 4 boards, and
>you're in for a treat.

Yikes. I suspected it was this bad, but you clarified it for me. *sigh*
Such is the price.
>Don't get me wrong, once I get the box back, I'll never sell it, but it's
>just been a lot of fun getting it playable...

This sounds familiar, not dissimilar to stories I've heard from other V8 owners.
I definitely agree that the box comes with its attendant problems, but the
whole point
of getting an instrument like this in the first place is the sound and
programming flexibility that it offers (as you obviously agree!).

I always feel compelled to point this out when ppl bring up the old
re-reliable?" argument. Specs don't matter, sound does. If you're serious
about getting the absolute best-sounding instruments, reliability sometimes
has to come second. Hell, I'm a PPG owner, I should know! Talk about
potential nightmares. Anyway, let your ears be the final judge.