Re: [AH] help with video synthesizers

From Nathan Balas
Sent Sun, Jul 27th 2008, 20:35

Dave Jones is an analog video legend. I had the honor of spending a
summer soldering for him in 2002. I lived in his studio, and he would
go home at night. There was no shower in the studio, so I had to bathe
in a river. THATS ANALOG

Good news- He is using his immense knowledge of the field to build a
modular video synthesizer that works with Doepfer stuff. He is 3 years
into it, and I bet it will be another year before he finishes. I know
that initially he will release a keyer, colorizer, and sequencer. Then
he will be producing some oscillation sources for frequencies that the
audio range doesn't account for.

Here is the link, he said the website will be changing soonish: