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From analogueman
Sent Fri, Feb 9th 1996, 15:07


Hi Guys,                                            10/02/96

I was rummaging through the attic recently, and came across some chips that 
I'd aquired many moons ago for something or other, but never got around to 
using, and remembered some talk in the past couple of months as to the 
usefulness and merits of certain ics. Apart from a couple of SSM2044s, I've 
also got an SSM2045. Has anyone out there actually built anything using this 
chip, and as a filter, how does it sound? When I've got some spare time 
later this year, is it worth lashing something up using it? All comments 
welcome :)

There was a posting recently from a dude who had just bought an ARP 2500.
Exellent! It is quite noisy, but the sound and creative permutations are 
absolutely limitless. If the guy who posted the good news is still in need 
of a user manual, then email me privately, and we should be able to work 
something out :)

Now for a question........ the battery in the programmer on my Oberheim Four 
Voice has died. Does anyone out there know of a suitable replacement for it, 
especialy here in the UK?

And finally, for those who are awaiting the second part of my review of the 
Doepfer A-100, the next batch of modules, I've been promised, are on their 
way and should be with me quite soon. Stay tooned!


     Sean Coppinger  ;-)
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