Re: (amb) African American Art

From Mxyzptlk
Sent Thu, May 13th 1999, 21:02

Isaac Trogdon wrote:

> >
> > > > Jaun Atkins
> > > > has
> > > > always been quite understandably bitter on this point - I mean he
> > > > practically invented techno 15 years ago
> >
> > When were Kraftwerk doing their work? Longer than 15 years I thought?
> > Depends if you think that they're techno, of course. Never heard Atkins
> > stuff so can't judge.
> kraftwerk were putting out records of the techno variety in the early to
> mid 70's, out of which the early detroit scene evolved and was seriously
> influenced by.  i don't think this is a debatable point,

Not to cut off everything else here, but I have to say that I remember
watching the old "Dance" shows on in the Detroit area way back then and seeing
it shook to seeming endless cut-up and rehashed versions of Tour de France and
other Kwerk classics.  I agree, the point is hard to argue with.



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