Re: [AH] Re: Technosaurus Selector Modular

From Steven Sauv
Sent Thu, Jan 7th 1999, 03:05

Chris Whitten wrote:

You say two things that give you away.

"Technosaurus have asked me to help them out in North America, so here I

Well it's not suprising that you are raving about it. Also that you claim
it's higher price over Doepfer and RS is warranted.

"{My guess is that the average retailer won't have much interest stocking
up on
Selector Modulars, so I will deal directly with the end users who wish to
purchase a system,"

Anytime I have seen a Selector it has been a very sluggish seller. No
wonder dealers are wary.

My personal opinion is that the Selector is very expensive and not hugely
better than either Doepfer or RS.
How much is a system with only 9 modules including ONE vco?
I'm not knocking the right of the Technosaurus to exist, I'm just trying 
inject a bit of debate into your sales pitch.

John Greczula replied:

>> The same thing happened with Novation. It's like I'm evil because I retail 
>> distribute products. What am I supposed to do, get online and say the 
>> is half-ass but everyone should still buy it?
>> I stand behind my fondness of the product, and that's why I have chosen to
>> offer it in North America.
Kurt Bleach replied:

>I'm a Doepfer modular owner and am VERY fond of their products. That being 
>I applaud ANY attempt to make true analogue gear -- and especially modular --
>available in North America. And I don't mind the "sales pitch" at all 
>I didn't even think it was that salesy). I think it's fantastic if somebody's
>enthusiastic about this kind of niche product that they're selling. I 
>mean, get
>real -- it's not like there's any way in hell he's going to get rich selling
>anything as esoteric as an analogue modular gear these days, so if he wasn't
>really into it, why would he bother?

And I'm writing this:

shame on anyone who feels they need to diss a person who takes the time 
and makes the effort to bring some of these exciting new toys into our 
lives!...salesmanship is critical to getting new and interesting products 
into our hands, and the better something sells, the easier it becomes to 
buy...obviously the best way to sell new ideas is to be enthusiastic 
about them, and to try to spread that enthusiasm...John Greczula is 
unique in this part of the world in his efforts to bring interesting new 
goodies to light, and whether or not something costs more than or less 
than is irrelevant...if we were all so uptight as the guy who prompted 
this thread, then Rex Probe would be truly a villain, for being 
practically religious about a very expensive system, namely the 
Serge...but we aren't, and he's not, and Serge is still very much in 
demand!...if the same enthusiasm develops for Technosaurus, or indeed for 
any other product represented by Greczula, then he will be able to take 
credit for spreading a lot of excitement throughout our very eclectic 
synth-world, and extra credit for persisting thru some pretty negative 
and stupid ranting...

steven in toronto