Re: [AH] wanted: acid machine

From David Bulog
Sent Thu, Jan 8th 2015, 21:24

One thing to my ears is the TT-303  as a midi slave its not quite there =
(latest OS never solved it)
It seems a bit off compare to other midi sequencers as a slave =97anyone =
else think this about theres?

On 9/01/2015, at 8:46 am, Nicholas Keller <> =

> I thought you were saying that the original machines had a unique =
sloppiness to their clocks which is often not replicated successfully in =
clones, and that upgrading to a QS CPU would eliminate this slop and =
that the slop is actually preferable.  I can testify that the 707 I used =
to have was terrible as a master clock.  Now I have a TB and a 606, =
sometimes run by themselves and sometimes synced to a midi master with =
either a Doepfer MSY-2 or MCV24 (and soon, a TR-9090).=20
> And I love a good curry.  I got spoiled living in the UK for a few =
years, now I'm back in FL and it's hard to find a dish that satisfies =
me. =20
> Nick
>> On Jan 8, 2015, at 2:22 PM, Kenny Balys <> wrote:
>> As soon as you are running things via midi, all bets are off for =
>> The best Midi you will ever get will be from an MPC or something =
similar but its nowhere near analogue.
>> Timing in the analogue domain is where everything can be rigidly =
synchronous. Triggers, pulses, clocks all together work well because =
they are just a precession or cascade of events happening at the slew =
rate of the component parts. ie) Nanoseconds
>> If you are not using the internal sequencer on the 303 I don't =
imagine a difference as far as the timing goes. I don't have a quick =
silver'd machine so take that with a grain of salt.
>> ps: saying nanoseconds always makes me want a stiff curry with some =
>>> On 08-01-2015 7:01 PM, Nicholas Keller wrote:
>>> This sequencer stiffness you mention... If you ran the TB from a
>>> MIDI->Sync converter, wouldn't you also lose some of the TB's
>>> fl-acid-ity?  I was thinking about getting the Quicksilver upgrade =
>>> some point, so I wonder what difference it will make if I rarely use =
>>> TB with its own internal clock.
>>> Nick