[AH] doepfer expansion

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Fri, Aug 25th 2006, 19:17

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first off, thanks for the BBD samples folks, very helpful...
  i have a Doepfer A100 Basic System, non-midi, i'm planning on getting some more mods...the only ones i'm certain of is the Doepfer BBD (which one i haven't decided, either the 1024 or 2048 i think) , an input mod, an inverter, and an analog sequencer...kind of have my heart set on the planned Milton Grande from Plan B (can i at least custom order one with the gate jacks on the bottom Peter?), after that i'm thinking toward  a good vcadsr, and stuff to just plain mess stuff up with...
  i'm a bit freaked out spending close to 5 bills on the Doepfer rack/power supply, but i would like to keep it rack mounted....i could swing it, but still, i guess i'm cheap, finances aren't that hot atmand if i can save a few bucks it could go toward more mods...what is the difficulty level of building somehing like that? my electronics knowledge is at best almost medium: i've soldered a circuit board, made cables, minor repairs, built a pc, etc....i am about the same at general building stuff i guess...
  this is probably a pretty stupid post, but if you folks have some knowledge about homebrew Euro-Racking, i'd love to hear it...nay super-cool mod recs are always welcome as well!
  the best,