And there off!

From moogman
Sent Wed, Apr 26th 1995, 20:12

Sorry to bog down AH with another useless message but FYI, here are the
totals for the last 3 days of the Top Subjects on AH

                             WINNER  (its a tie)

     I want to be on a seperate Modular list category  21 messages
     I don't want AH to become a Newsgroup             21 messages

                              2 ND place

     Doepfer Maq16                                                19 messages

                             3 RD place (tie again)

      Serge Modular Systems                                  11 messages
      TB-303 (didn't we all know)                              11 messages

                              Honerable Mention

     Moravanski's Pain  (what the hell is that anyway)  3 messages

Oh well back to the Jupiter 8.............................