[AH] Re: FS: Doepfer R2M Ribbon Controller

From Les Mizzell
Sent Tue, Nov 8th 2005, 01:13

It appears that I have a rev.1 ribbon controller, and the rev.2 is more 
desirable! Damn, I hate it when that happens!

With that in mind, I'll drop the price to $230.00
How's that?

> This is the one with the ribbon controller and external interface box - 
> not the module. Like here:
> http://www.analoguehaven.com/doepfer/r2m/
> In perfect condition! Was using it with my Modcan/Cyndustries system, 
> but not as much as I'd planned on using it at first!
> $260.00 - includes shipping!
> Would prefer to sell in the US, but will consider elsewhere - postage 
> may be a little higher though.
> Prefer Paypal!

Les Mizzell