Re: [AH] Best Modular Company?

From darkstr717
Sent Tue, Mar 28th 2000, 08:45

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<< People constantly praise Serge as the monolith of great modulars. While I 
turn one down I'd argue  Serge is hardly a starter system for anyone. They are
expensive, hard as fuck to order or get used, and outrageously expensive to 
or change if you need to send them back. I'd recommend a simple and fun (and
interesting!) Doepfer system over a Serge ANY day. That shows you where I'm 
from so take that as you will.

This is a point well taken. Serge is definately not a starter system by any 
means although that's what i started with...more out of ignorance i guess. I 
just wasn't aware of anything else when i started doing the modular thing 6 
years ago. I Got an expanded A100 last year and i liked it but just couldn't 
get as crazed as i wanted. However i did keep the trigger sequencers.
   My personal experience is that  Serge is easy to order new..... impossible 
to find used.... ?? why?....Hmmmm ....people don't readily give up their 
Rolls Royces.  LOL... Expensive to repair??....hardly...unless your going for 
a complete re-core. A friend and i have fixed a couple of mine before.
 However, I support Legions last statement. I'd recommend a Doepfer any day 
over a Serge for a stater or even mid- level system unless you have deep 
pockets or are just really me!!!  : 
 Kind regards