TR77 info anyone?????

From jupiter4
Sent Thu, Nov 2nd 1995, 10:08

Hi Gang,

Well I sold my old (partly knackered) ETI modular to a friend (Analogue mental he is...)
which I'm sure he will lovingly restore and make me green pink and yellow with envy....
Ahhh to have that kind of time.....
Anyway part of the deal that allowed him to prize it from my studio was that he
 would throw in a a Roland TR77 (preset CR78)..... I'm a sucker for a piece of 
cool looking old Roland kit so I agreed (although he's keeping the slider knobs for his 
friends System 100M).

Anyways, I was well pleased with it... What a beast in size... I was taken aback to be
sure sir... What a large selection of preset patterns too.... Of course the lid has no
screws in it, but who keeps the lid on anyway, when there are tweakables inside.

I'm sure you all know what my question is..... yep, anyone got the user or service manual
for it????? I'll gladly reimburse anyone for their trouble....\

Cheers, Dave .....