fantasy weekend

From Transistor Rhythm
Sent Mon, Mar 20th 1995, 12:05

i had a great weekend.  i scored an ARP 2600 for $300 and it's cherry 
mint.  the only bad thing is that it smells like moth balls and is 
stinking up my bedroom.  :)  it came from a guy who was the original 
owner and with the original owner's manual and ARP 2600 patch book.  not 

i also scored a roland system 100m modular which is brand new in the box 
and never been used.  the guy and his brother both work for roland and 
got it for free.  as the story goes, the one brother called the other and 
asked him if he wanted a free system 100m about 7 years ago otherwise 
they were going to throw it away.  the brother said yes, but never used 
it since he was mainly a guitar player.  he also is going to sell me an 
MC-202 that was given to him by the company at the same time.  he 
currently programs CD-roms for them.  it only came with two modules, 
though.  oh well...  :)

the icing on the cake was finding a guy that collects electro-harmonix FX 
and, according to him, has "over 500 pedals".  i realize that's hard to 
believe, but the guy said it's true.  i'm going to his place tomorrow and 
try and seal a deal for a micro bass synth and one of his 16 second 
delays.  (they reportedly only made 100 of the 16 second delays).  the 
only problem here is that the guy is VERY saavy the EH market value.

this weekend will be VERY hard to top...