Re: doepfer mcv8

From Laszlo Szilagyi
Sent Tue, Mar 7th 1995, 12:35

On Mon, 6 Mar 1995 wrote:

> >does anybody have one of these???
> Yes I have one, work's great. Drives 8 monosynths. Reroutes controllers,
> does switch trigger. Doesn't make coffee. Love it. What else you want to
> know ? Mail me personnaly, I'm unsubscribing. Too much mail. Sorry. Love to
> have been here, maybe back later. Love
> AA


I have one too. I bought it almost three years ago at the Frankfurter 
Music Messe. Last year I updated it to s/w 3.0 or something like that.
Before that, it always froze up on incoming velocity. Now it seems to 
work, but the factory presets come on with the trigger leds always on. 
Does it mean they programmed it to work with S-trigger? The manual says 
it is set up for V-trigger at the factory.(of course I'm speaking of the 
ROM presets)
Is it the way it has to be, or mine is malfunctioning?

Also, Doepfer's s/w programmer said something about a s/w 4.0 which would 
allow to use the gate out for on/off swithing of portamento, drum 
triggering etc. when more than one cv is used per gate (and some gate 
outs are unused).
Do you know if it is already out or not?