Re: Aphex Twin limited edition 7" (fwd)

From matt23
Sent Wed, Dec 7th 1994, 19:56

> Does anyone feel that Richard has completely stopped producing anything of
> value and is simply taking a gigantic piss on fans and the music industry?
> I mean, the first track on AB4 is utter shite.  I pulled out Digeridoo the
> other night just to make sure this was the same person, and I couldn't
> believe the difference. 
 i heartily agree. i use to worship rdj being awestruck by his 
originality and genius. ab, digeridoo, saw1 and the polygon window lp 
were ground breaking but most of the recent stuff has been dire. 
either richard has gone seriously off the boil (get an early night) 
or he is most definately taking the piss.
 has there been any recent interviews where this viewpoint has been 
suggested and thus a reaction from the ex-godlike's mouth been 
 i am reluctant to even give new rdj stuff a listen whereas before it 
would have been near automatic buy. 
 someone sit him down and give him a good talking to.
 c+ -could do better