[AH] WTB- 2600, System 100M

From Larry Kleinke
Sent Tue, Feb 1st 2000, 05:00

I know someone who is looking for either an ARP 2600 or a System 100M. Drop 
me a line with any leads.

-"Computer Controlled": Live Techno ala Pure Roland.
-"htek": Live techno on the harder side of life. redacted@example.com
-DJ Frantik: techno & acid house.
-For bookings or tapes call 608.276.8629 or e-mail.
-Over all gear whore: SH-101, TB-303, TR-606, TR-808, TR-909,
-FR-777, TX-81Z, DX-100, RY-30, SE-50, Tascam MM-1, Atari 4160STe,
-dbx 266 compressor.

                  Still Looking For A Crumar Spirit!!

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