AW: 700 vs. 100M

From Haible_Juergen#Tel2743
Sent Thu, Dec 21st 1995, 21:32

> I was looking more for the difference between the 700 and 100M modules.
> What's the difference between the oscs and filters etc. in design and
> what does the difference mean to the ear.  I was also curious if the
> filter and osc design in the 100 was different or the same as the 100M or
> the 700.  Since the 700 comes in "banks" I noticed a closer similarity
> between the 100 and the 700 where you'd expect the 100 to be similar to
> the 100M.

Sorry, don't have the full info, just a few cents:
I know the interiors of the 700, SH-7 and SH-5, and I would describe
the one thing these have in common to be the very high quality,
overkill-circuitry. This gives me the impression that Roland gear from this
rather early period was built in this no-compromise way. I haven't seen
schematics for the 100M nor the 100 series. But I *asume* that the
100 series is in the same line as the 700 / SH-7 / SH-5  and maybe other
early SH's. Not speaking of the number of features of course, but
the basic design philosophy.
Now the 100M series apears to be totally different. Someone wrote
10 VCO's of a 100M don't sound as fat as 2 of the 700, and I have heard
many similar statements thru the years, saying that a 100 sounds much
better than a 100M.
Well, I know people can be fooled by the ugly appearance of the 100M
modules (but the 100 is no beauty, either!), but I tend to believe that
there is more to this than just prejudice. Likely the 100M is a complete
new, economized design, completely different ... Maybe sometimes I'll see 
docs, then I can say more. (I never looked for them very seriously, 'cause
I think a 100M is one of those synths I will never buy, for sure!)

Hmm, not much new information (don't flame me!), but maybe another
small piece at least ...