[AH] Doeppfer Organ Controller (was Re: [AH] another big namm pic dump)

From mikekent
Sent Tue, Jan 24th 2006, 11:41

> the doepfer organ controller is pretty crazy, i guess it's for all
> those church's and music halls that can't afford the real thing?

I think it's more for people who prefer the sound of Native Instruments B4
or some other emulator over other choices. Or for those like to use a plug
in to get the recall and other features that are normal with plugins.

I'm a Hammond player but usually use Roland VK-8 for portability. I also
find that a Leslie never sounds right over a PA system from a microphone.
Leslie is only good in a small or medium room. Leslie emulation is simply
better over the PA. So I could understand someone wanting to use an emulator
module with an organ-like controller.

I wanted to try the Doeppfer at NAMM but it wasn't hooked up to anything.
The keyboards felt good. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I
don't think they could have made it much more ugly.


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