Re: Moog Music

From DJMaytag
Sent Wed, Apr 10th 1996, 02:58

At 06:30 PM 4/8/96 -0500, you wrote:
>It's just occured to me that we haven't heard of any news of these "new" 
>Moog modules recently. Anyone out there hear anything?

yeah, i hear there's gonna be moog modular modules coming out soon, and
possibly a new minimoog (bob hinted at this prospect a few months back in
keyboard mag).

i even hear the modules will compete with doepfer's system (in price, NOT
sound quality). 

i don't know anything for sure 100% yet, but check out their home page:

and check out the "survey" the have. they've got some spots for suggestions
for "products you would like to see" and "what's your favorite (synth, drum
machine, sampler, etc." (they even want to know why! nice to know a company
would actually care, unlike todays big name companies). 

i would highly recommend checking into the survey, maybe they might try
building something that we might find useful, but no other company would
even consider building.


ps i hope this moog thing isn't a belated april fools joke

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