Re: [AH] most popular modular module size standards

From Jason Proctor
Sent Wed, Feb 6th 2008, 01:33

steady on there, chief. Blacet and PAiA are Frac, not Euro.

Frac and Euro are the most popular formats in terms of the amount of 
modules available. the physical dimension are close, but not the 
same, and they have different power requirements.

here is a comparison chart of the major formats.

you really can't go wrong with any of the major formats these days. 
we're living in the golden age of analogue synthesis.

>"Eurorack" probably (Blacet, Doepfer, PAiA, Analogue Solutions and 
>others) but in terms of availability, all of the manufacturers are 
>pretty well ramped up and can ship their format on a moments notice.
>Danjel van Tijn (04:11 PM 2/5/2008) wrote:
>>There are several different module sizes from what I can gather. What
>>is the most common/widely avaiable form factor?
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