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From Plan B (Peter Grenader)
Sent Wed, Jan 7th 2009, 17:26

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Hello everyone!

Both Plan B and Buchla will be at the Noisebug booth 6108 which is on  
the main hall this year in the vicinity of Moog and Motu.

Sometime this week I will be posting further details on what we'll be  
showing on the Plan B Analog Blog (go to www.ear-group.net to sign  
up. On the module end will be the models 21C Mini Milton VC  
Sequencer, the Model 32 Vector Plotter and the M30 and 30A - two  
components of the mighty Triple Digital VCO Subsystem.  There are  
four other products being introduced which are part of the big move  
into cases and systems.: The he Ringer, a single row rack frame  
offering a low-cost solution to a previously expensive expansion  
requirement,  and the Model Zero, which is the same three row Zero  
Halibuton case used by NIN with some significant improvements,  
including power saving modes, top/bottom strip modules and the option  
of expanding to six rows.  A photo has been posted in the PB Analog  

The Performance System, which has it's own case not unlike the  
Doepfer portable although two rows of 102 HP and eight inches deep is  
our fist venture into the systems arena and will also be on display  
and operational.

To support the Ringer, the Zero and the PS we're introducing an  
external power system which utilizes two high-grade second party  
switching supplies as it's engine. The supplies are audio grade and
protected to the point that key'd power connectors on the bus will  
not be required...the PSU will shut itself off instantly if a module  
is installed  incorrectly.

Along with Noisebug's, Plan B goods will be on display at a couple of  
other booths as well - keep a sharp eye out!

Again, when my schedule allows I will be posting more details on all  
this, including photos to the PBAB. Please grant me patience with  
this and in getting back with anyone who may need to contact me as  
I'm deep into
Namm hell at present and time away to post is minimal.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you all at the show!

- Peter Grenader

Peter Grenader
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