(idm) Re: Junior Reid and Mike'n' Rich

From R D Wigglesworth
Sent Tue, Jun 25th 1996, 16:21

On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, James Skilton wrote:

BSean Cooper wrote on Tue, 25 Jun
6 01:05:02 BST  :
> > junior reid, to my knowledge, doesn't have any strictly jungle material
> > out. the track you refer to on _70 minutes of madness_ is, i think, a
> This is because on the Coldcut CD, the junior Reid track is actually being
> mixed with a jungle track (the next or previous one off the tracklisting) , yes
> the mixing is that good. I hadn't realised just how totally seamless this must
> sound as I know the original track.
> J
> ^
Thanks for clearing that one up!  Makes you realise how good Coldcut's
mixing is doesn't it?  The mix of (my current fave) 'King of the
Beats'sounds quite chopped up on the '70 minutes of madness' as well.


On June 25, rephlex wrote:

>>tracks comes close to what I expected

>If it was what you were expecting then it wouldn't be cutting edge techno
>music would it? Once again you haven't listened to the record properly.
>You can't review it properly for another week at least, I don't think. 

This I have to agree with.  I've been amazed by some people's responses to
this record.  Were peple REALLY expecting another 'Polygon Window' type

You can't diss an album that we've all been waiting for for nearly two
years just because it's not like earlier stuff.  After all, isn't IDM
supposed to be one of the fastest evolving musical styles, taking
influences from everywhere and anywhere and not getting stuck into a

This one doesn't disappoint.  The mixture of Mike's funky electric
piano playing (eg)   
and Rich's crunchy rythms and melodies is a REAL treat.  AND some of the
most bizzare sample loops I've heard this side of tricky, that sound like
they shouldn't work, but do....(eg- Bu Bu Bu Bam and the 3rd track etc.)

Richard W