[AH] Really cool gear in NYC

From Cary Roberts
Sent Sun, Jan 17th 1999, 06:07

Did my rounds at the NYC music stores again this weekend.  Found a
mint condition Yamaha CS-80, unfortunately they wanted $2300 for it....
Dr Sound had a bunch of Roland 100M gear, but again the prices sucked.
I caught a glimpse of the new Big Briar moogerfoogers at both Rogue
and Dr Sound.  The construction is top notch.  There's a Prophet 10
in decent shape at Rogue with MIDI and flight case for $1500.  I found
a really cool 1980 vintage DeltaLab AcousticComputer DL-2 delay box.
Dual/stereo DDLs with voltage controlled playback, phase inverse, HPF
and LPF.  It can do some wicked stuff.  If you ever come across one,
check it out.  Retail price in 1980 was $1750......


PS: If anyone is interested in doing a northeast AH fest email me.