From jeanniel
Sent Wed, Oct 11th 1995, 15:14


Hmmm, he told us that they will be selling basic moog modules in the beginning
of '96. The system will include some earlier oscilators and most of the
filters. Basic model would consist of 5 osc, 4 filters, couple of ADSR's, LFOs
etc, and MIDI<-> interface (the new one).

>No interesting modules though... 
> um, shortly after commenting on hans zimmers monstah system 100m, i browsed
> thru the new copy of EQ a little more.......
> till i noticed an ad.....
> it was no ordinary ad, but an ad for THE NEW MOOG MUSIC!!!!!!!
> well, it seems to me like mr don martin of echo park sound has somehow bought
> the rights to the moog name.....or something like that.....
> the ad reads:
> it seems that these days, more and more companies want 2 tell u about their
> classic sounds, analog warmth or their vintage imitations...if these
> descriptions are exactly what u want in a synthesizer, then in 1996, a new
> product line from a new company will delight and surprise you.
> MOOG MUSIC INC (in original moog style lettering)
> for our upcoming catalog - write:
> moog music inc.
> 11050 montgomery rd
> po box 313
> cincinnati, oh 45242
> i spoke to him a while ago and he mentioned something about building new moog
> modules.......
> but the ad with MOOG MUSIC in it caught my eye and actually really surprised
> me.....
> on that note, if anyone would like to sell me their moog modular for $200
> (before they're worth nothing at all), send me some private email......(just
> kidding!)


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