Re: Doepfer modular

From Machine Media
Sent Sun, Apr 23rd 1995, 01:13

> These modules must have low quality components and made in a Chinese 
> Sweatshop to be so cheap!  Serge is reasonable for what it is because a 
> 2600 was 2,600 dollars in 1975 and a Buchla 200 series(full 
> system)14,000$1971.The Doepfer modular Sounds like the"YUGO" of the 
> synthesizer world!

Back then the price of a 2600 could buy you a new Chevy :) Electronics 
are cheaper now. Think of all the crap that can be thrown into an Asian made 
home audio system costing $2,600! Then again, think of all the useless 
crap everyone throws into today's cars. Some people here like to whine about 
the prices of old analog synths -- but most of them are cheaper now than they 
were new. Of course dolars are worth less now, but incomes are higher 
as well. Otoh, some out of production pro recording gear continues to 
rise in price, far beyond it's original cost. I recently heard a quote on a 
Fairchild limiter of $13,000.