Re: 303 pc clones

From Giles Ward
Sent Sun, Jan 12th 1997, 05:50

> ive heard alot about these 303 emulators that work on the computer.
> my question is....
> how do you sync that stuff up to midi?
The RubberDuck package's help file says it will be implemented in the
future. Programs like SoundForge and Samplitude sync up to your favourite
sequencer, so it should be achievable.

> if you are using your computer as a sequencer already, how are you
> supposed to play the thing and have your computer sequencer going at the
> same time?

This is a good point.  I don't think tweaking a screen emulation of a knob
with a blunt mouse is too satisfying.  So where do you go from there? 
Build a dedicated controller box or use a MIDI fader box?  Half the
attraction of 303 sized boxes is their portability and control surface. 
>From that point of view, you might as well have the real hardware! 
Technically, RubberDuck and ReBirth are incredible, but IMHO they shouldn't
be limited to emulating the most overused synth around.  How about a
virtual 100M?  I think I'd put up with my mouse then!

Giles Ward