Synthesizer sounds

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Mon, Mar 31st 1997, 22:52

Following on from the discussion about how Buchla systems and others
actually sound, I'd recommend getting hold of the 'Synthesizers von
gestern' ('Synthesizers of the past') CD's by Matthias Becker. These tie in
with his beautiful books. There are 3 volumes, each featuring 20 or so
instruments, Each track is 3-4 minutes long, and is a proper song, rather
than samples or loops, featuring only one instrument, multitracked.

Volume 1:

Odyssey, CS-60, SEM, Mono-Poly, Minimoog, Memorymoog, JP-8, Pro-One,
PS3100, SH-5, Chroma, Poly 800, System 100, Juno 60, Mellotron, Synthi,
Wave 2.2,
CS-15, MS-20, Moog 55

Volume 2:

JP-6, Sigma, 2600, OSCar, OB-Xa, System 700 Lab, Prophet 5, CMI,
Mixurtrautonium, System 100M, Promars, Synergy 1, Pro-Soloist, Synthi 100,
Lintronics Memorymoog, EX-8000, Kobol, Wasp

Volume 3:

S-P Synthacon, EMU Modular, SH-2000, Buchla 100, Prophet T8, Yamaha TX-816,
Yamaha GS-2, Mixurtrautonium, RMI Harmonic, Obie Xpander, Gleeman
Pentaphonic, OB-8, PS3300, Variphon, Crumar DS-2, JX-8P, Prophet VS

They're useful if you're in the market for one of these machines and want
to get an idea of how they sound, and/or are just a synth freak like me
(oh, sorry, that's all of us, isn't it? :) ).

The tracks range from very good compositionally to not so good (IMO), but
still give an idea of how things sound. (sorry to be vague - I'm
knackered). Control is produced via analogue sequencers, Notator on an
Atari, as well as (wait for it) non-looped. one-shot s*mpl*s. D*git*l
reverbs/delays were used, and the tracks were mixed to DAT via ProTools,
thru QSound (oh dear). But they sound fantastic, I must say.

I got mine from Peter Forrest

All the best,