Re: [AH] My modular 2 day review with mp3 clips

From Tomislav Babic
Sent Mon, Mar 19th 2007, 06:48

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thanks Bryan for this thorough review.

i see what you are saying about new, cutting sound, not confined to vintage
i like this idea a lot. even tho i'm thinking off a small motm frac for
moogy stuff,
another row of euro for plan b/doepfer craziness would be out of this

im glad you're happy with your change.   i'll try getting some of this
without letting my
juppe go. i'd just be cryin too much..:)

if i may ask, bordering ot-ness, how is your sequencing setup now (sftw/midi
for driving all this analogue stuff ? , considering how important tight
timing is in PSY trance
and in high BPM stuff in general,   and what do you track/mix your synths to
? logic? console?

i had bad experiences w DAW midi, when using lotta analogs and higher BPMs.
not really tight .. i had to track everything, and nudge stuff back n forth
to audio grid to get
anything resembling tightness n punch..


On 3/19/07, hex fix93 <> wrote:
> "Kenton pro solo: Amazing midi to cv converter, its tight, real tight
> with logic sending it midi. ..

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