Technosaurus Selector

From jun
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 1970, 01:00

Hi List,

two days ago I received some information material about a modular
synthesizer from Technosaurus from Swiss. They are offering a line
of modules which can be combined together in one of two ways: 

- if you order a system with an A series cabinet, the modules will
be wired fix.
- if you order a system with a B series cabinet, there is a patch 
panel for every module.

The modules are 20, 12 or 8 TE wide, each cabinet holds up to 84 TE
of modules.

The modules that are available are mostly standard ones, there are two
which are a little bit unusual:

- VCO: 
Waveforms: sine, saw, triangle, pulse
Hardsync, 2 inputs for pwm, 3 inputs for FM, two of them with attenuators,
cv input, ocatves switch: 64' - 2'. Each waveform has its own gain pot.
- VCF1: 24dB/18dB Moog cascade lowpass filter with vc resonance and four
fm modulation inputs all with attenuators.
- VCF2: 12dBLP/HP 6dBBP/Notch filter, switchable, that means other than
with the Serge vcf you choose the filter type with a switch. 
- Dual ENV/ENV: switchable between an interuptable DADSR and a non inter-
uptable AD Envelope; there are noninverted and inverted outputs.
- VCA: three am inputs, with two of them switchable between exponential
and linear characteristics; the vca can be switched to an inverted mode(?)
- LFO/Noise: a vc lfo with waveforms saw, sine, triangle, pulse with pwm;
noise generator with white and pink outputs
- S/H-Random: a s/h which works either with the build in random voltage
source or with an external input; speed of the randoum voltage is adjust-
- Dual Waveshaper: module for clipping and (a)symmetrical amplification
of the clipped and unclipped portions of the signal.
- Dual Ringmodulator
- Octal Subharmonic Osc: vco with sine waveform: eight subharmonics can
be mixed to the main tone; there are modulation inputs for the amplitude
of all even/all odd subharmonics as well as a vc hpf which can be used
to blend in the subharmonics. I would like know how this thing sounds!
- Triple Resonator: three filters with resonance; the frequency of each
filter can be modulated; there is also an input for modulating the re-
sonance of all filters together.

The sytems can be driven by CV/Gate inputs or by two different MIDI/CV
converters, one with note on/off and dynamics, one with aftertouch, 
pitchwheel dynamics controller etc.

Now for the prices: these are HIGH!!!

Especially the cabinets are extremly expensive. A version B cabinet is
costs about 900 $. This means:  a case and a power supply. Perhaps
the cabinets are made of mahagony or something like that.

If anyone is interested, I will post the exact prices in an extra mail.

There are two complete systems available:

1: 3 x VCO, LFO/Noise, VCF1, DualEnv, VCA, Power:

CV/Gate: 2730$, Dynamic MIDI: 3030$, Controller MIDI: 3230$

2: 3 x VCO, Dual Waveshaper, Dual Ringmod, LFO/Noise, S&H/Rnd, Env, Power
2 x VCF2, Dual Env, LFO/Noise, VCA, Env, VCA, Env, Power

CV/Gate: 5580$, Dynamic MIDI: 5880, Controller MIDI: 6080$

The address is

Analog Service
Einschlagweg 71
CH - 3400 Burgdorf
phone/fax: +34 22 95 55

I haven't seen this system so far, so I cannot comment on the quality. 
The guy on the phone told me, when I ask about the price level, that
they wanted to build a high quality system with much better quality than
the Doepfer (which is not that difficult as far as the mechanics are concerned)
The only sound example was on the cd which comes with the german magazine
KEYS. There are two short sequences of the Selector which sound nice but
this is not very much to come to a serious judgement about the sound of
the system. Perhaps Juergen tell us more about it because they have been
on the Frankfurt fair and perhaps he checked out the Selektor.

Perhaps the Serge is not so expensive, when compared to the Selektor ...