Re: EML Synthkey

From nobrand
Sent Mon, Feb 20th 1995, 19:08

        Very interesting.  This whole thing is a real coincidence, too.  I
was just the day before, looking through an old Sep. '78 issue of
Keyboard(that is conTEMPorary Keyboard, page 32) and saw an ad for it.  It
looks like a the korg vocoder, but a little wider, with 3 paper cards
sticking out of the top.

        The ad is pretty small(1/4 page), sort of tucked in there.  It
pictures 5 different units, each just burdoned with sliders and knobs,
except for the Synkey, it has a 3 1/2 oct keyboard, 17 knobs, and 17
pushbuttons.  The ad as a whole made me drool.

        If you don't have them, I recommend getting some older issues of
Keyboard.  The older ones have a wealth of cool ads.  Arp, EML, Moog,
Roland(like the 100m), Oberheim.  Just a real inspiration to those who
build thier own stuff!

>I had a Synkey 2001 to play around with for a while.  Dumped it to a friend
>for $200.  There is a limited amount of editing you can do on the thing;
>the plastic punch cards are nice, but a real pain to use.  Only one

                  5   6
              4 .-------. 7
               /         \                 |=============================|
            3 |           | 8              |         BRIAN COATES        |
              |     \\    |                |    |
             2 \     \\  / 9               |=============================|
               1`-------'  \|\/|/
                RESONANCE.=  10! =