[AH] CTI, TG, SOS, Chris Carter, Blah, Blah

From kultbox
Sent Thu, Jan 21st 1999, 16:36

NO-LIMIT Soldia'z-

Just wanted to pass this info on to you peoples....i was lookin for the book
"Wreckers of Civilization" the TG story and i stumbled across the CTI web
site...cool stuff!  And boy o boy is Chirs Carter into the marketing!
Everything from TG nazi style shirts to original copies of INDUSTRIAL RECORDS
LTD. wax....

They are also selling copies of the TG book (that i have been looking for!) i
guess it will be out Feb 1st.  Yummy.

Here is the site: http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~chris.cosey/pages/map_cc.htm

Also!  The CTI site is also housing Chris Carters SOS reviews which is kinda
cool everything from Akai stuff to the Doepfer is well documented in the web
He also has a gear list on the page.....they have some cool stuff including a
Serge modified Casio ....id like to get details on this if anyone has

Look out for "Time Out of Joint" Limmited 7" (300 copies)
Agent30 "Tank Muzak" Kultbox CD/ Agent30 Releases also on Rephlex UK

"Most Japanese noise artists never use computers or very high-tech equipment.
We tend to be very low-tech and analogue, so our actions show the effects of
expanded noisehands, muscles...the body's movement." -Masami Akita