Re: Roland Saturn-09

From mikekent
Sent Fri, Jan 12th 1996, 19:43

>Roland Saturn-09
>>I have been given the opportunity to buy one of these for approx $120US.
>>Can anyone please tell me some specs on this machine and any
>>experiences/opinions of it ( ie. is it worth buying?) as I haven't been
>>able to find any info on it.  Is it any relation to the RS-09?
>        Well it's not a synth, it's an organ that looks like a synth, they
>  were made around 1980 orginal list was $795.00  It's has a 3 1/2 octave
>  keyboard, a couple of sliders and switches. it's worth about 100.00 buxs.
>  hope that helped.

One of the unique features (also found on the RS-09) is a Gate output, not
a common interface on combo organs (SA-09) and string machines (RS-09).
This makes a great combo with a monosynth that has an external input.
Roland saw it as a good partner to the SH-09 (note the similar appearance,
especially between RS-09/SH-09). The combo of RS-09/SH-09 or SA-09/SH-09
gave you a polyphonic instrument with filter sweeps etc. Not as flexible as
a true poly synth but a lower budget access to some poly synth type sounds.

Mike Kent

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