Re: [AH] Wich analog sequencer ?

From john mahoney
Sent Fri, Oct 17th 2003, 21:26

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From: "Moog Fighter" <>

> I'm looking for an analog sequencer for all my vintage (CV, not midified
gear). Wich one seems to be the best one and simple to use?

That's a wide open question, as the prices and features are all over the
map. Do you need MIDI in? MIDI out? Do you require a quantizer, so that only
"in tune" notes can be selected (if it's enabled)? What kind of clock/sync
inputs do you need? ... outputs?

I've looked at these:
(1) Frostwave FAT controller
(2) Doepfer MAQ16/3
(3) Doepfer Regelwerk -- doubles as a MIDI fader box
(4) Doepfer Schaltwerk -- this may fail your "simple to use" requirement, it
seems really deep. Expensive, too.
(5) I think you could also use a Doepfer A-155 Analog/Trigger Sequencer +
A-156 Dual Quantizer as a 8-step sequencer
(6) Wiard Sequantizer