Re: [AH] help with video synthesizers

From gregory zifcak
Sent Thu, Jul 31st 2008, 10:35

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wow=2C i can't wait for this! a friend and i have been limited to modifying=
 video mixers and patching feedback through home video processors=2C which =
can yield amazing results=2C but is frustrating in it's limitations when yo=
u can imagine the power of full modularity.

any idea whether this will allow user control over the output resolution? i=
t seems like high res vga output would be easy with high freq oscillators=
=2C hopefully it will not be limited to composite NTSC.


Dave Jones is an analog video legend. I had the honor of spending a

summer soldering for him in 2002. I lived in his studio=2C and he would

go home at night. There was no shower in the studio=2C so I had to bathe

in a river. THATS ANALOG

Good news- He is using his immense knowledge of the field to build a

modular video synthesizer that works with Doepfer stuff. He is 3 years

into it=2C and I bet it will be another year before he finishes. I know

that initially he will release a keyer=2C colorizer=2C and sequencer. Then

he will be producing some oscillation sources for frequencies that the

audio range doesn't account for.

Here is the link=2C he said the website will be changing soonish:>

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