RE: synths and their sequencers

From sturm
Sent Thu, Jan 9th 1970, 01:00

On 26 Mar 98, Frank Sci wrote:
> Is there any pages out there devoted to analog sequences (I know of a
> few varieties, but would like to educate myself to AT LEST the names
> of the the majority).
Nope unfortunately.  But Filip recently posted his URL for an analog 
sequencer schematic at  That 
would be the cheapest way to get one.  There should be another schematic 
coming up at "as soon as Ric 
redraws it" :)  And there's one other page where i've seen a sequencer 
schematic which i've lost the URL to.

The problem with finding names to analog sequencers is that hardly any of 
them have GOT names...  They're usually just model numbers of part of a 
larger modular system.

All i can think of now is the ARP Sequencer (~$500), Moog 960 Sequential 
Controller (~$800 ??), Polyfusion 16-Step Sequencer (~$300)...  Then there 
are the E-Mu Modular and Roland 100m sequencer modules...  The Korg SQ-10 
(i think that's the model number) designed for sequencing the MS-20...  All 
above $300 and incredibly difficult to find.

You'd probably have alot more luck looking at the new analog sequencers:

Analog Systems TH-48 ukp700 - $1200 (3x16 step, chromatic quantization)

Doepfer A-155 Sequencer Module DM480 - $300 (2x8 step)
Doepfer A-156 Quantizer Module "coming in April/May"

Modcan Sequencer 17a $500 (2x8 steps)
Modcan Sequencer 17a with quantizer $700 (2x8 with chromatic quantization)

Moog CE 960 Sequential Controller $2390 (3x8 steps?)

The Doepfer is really cheap, but it doesn't have quantization and importing 
from DE is a bother...  But still, pretty cool.  The 17a is pretty 
expensive, but damn does it look hot in that green-and-yellow-on-black 
finish :)  The TH-48 sounds like the mo'fukn sequencer from hell with sugar 
on top, but at that price?  Ouch.  Still, it's cheaper than buying 3 ARP 
sequencers.  The Moog on the other hand is, well, a little overpriced 
perhaps ;)

Some "coming soon" modules are:

Wiard Sequantizer (1x8 steps)
Wiard Sequentizer (1x8 steps) - this one looks really juicy

I think Studio Electronics and Quasimidi have both been hinting at making 
one, but it would be just typical if they made it for MIDI with no trigger 
in (a la the MAQ16/3).  In other words pretty pointless.

I guess Serge and Technosaurus have sequencer modules too, but i don't know 
anything about them...  Anyone?  Did i miss anything? :)


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