(idm) Good CD's

From Kent Williams
Sent Thu, Jan 11th 1996, 16:00

I buy nearly all my records from a friend of mine in Iowa City,
whose store The Record Collector does a great job of procuring
IDM, Jungle, Detroit, and House stuff - CD's and 12" both.

Whenever I'm in there I always marvel that no one has snapped
up some of the stuff in the used bin.  Black Dog 'Spanners',
Polygon Window 'Surfing on Sine Waves', that sort of thing --
stuff most of us already have, but others may have missed out on.
Usually well under $10.

If you're looking for something (and are willing to mail them a
check, they've been burned on credit card deals) you might give
them a call (319) 337-5029 and ask what they've got -- since it's
used stock it changes so maybe put together a wish list for them
to work on.

No commercial connection, just a satisfied customer and friend.

Also their new stuff, especially English Imports, are always a few
buck cheaper than places like Gramaphone in Chicago.

Kirk or Jason are the most knowledgable about IDM/Dance stuff; Brad
will help you, but he's a grumpy Byrds fan.  Tell 'em I sent ya so
they'll know who to blame.

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