Re: [AH] Analogue Solutions drum modules opinions?

From ndkent
Sent Thu, Nov 13th 2008, 07:45

They aren't bad and surprisingly there isn't that much competition on  
the market.

I definitely agree that since they are in a modular form factor they  
really limit things with only a couple of them having a modulation  

They sound good but in my opinion, since they don't completely nail  
the sounds they are trying to emulate (though don't sound bad)  and  
since they don't have CV control on parameters (with a couple notable  
exceptions) it does make them compare more or less with vintage drum  
brains. As a Jomox owner the plusses and tradeoffs are notable.

I don't think the putting the cables in upside down can be that much  
of a criticism since you can do that with a lot of modules and brands.

The 1/4" jacks do come in handy, though remind one there is ample  
free panel space due to limited i/o and parameters options . Also the  
HH88 (808 Cymbal/HH inspired) skips the 1/4".

It is worth noting that several of them need a 5v power source. You'd  
want to check the specs. The online info doesn't emphasize too loudly  
that a module needs a separate 5v. Not a problem with an Analogue  
Solutions case but it can be for a Doepfer. Remember the $20 little  
plugin is only meant for one module, not a bunch