(idm) Artificial Intelligence

From Peter Jansen
Sent Sat, Jun 15th 1996, 15:24

If you had to compile a CD with your favorite Artificial 
Intelligence Music, how would it look like ?
Rules :
You may choose any track of Warps's AI releases and 
also other tracks from artists that are on AI. So you can choose
any Aphex Twin track because RDJ released AI 2.
But you can't choose FSOL because they didn't have any AI release. To
remind you, these are the AI releases (as far as I know).

V/A-Artificial Intelligence (AI CD 1)
Polygon window-Surfing on sine waves  (AI CD 2)
Black Dog-Bytes (AI CD 3)	
B12-Electro Soma (AI CD 4)
FUSE-Dimension Intrusion (AI CD 5)
Speedy J-	Ginger (AI CD 6)
Autechre-Incunabula (AI CD 7)
V/A-Artificial Intelligence II (AI CD 8)

My CD would look like this :
1) Autechre-Bike
2) B12-Static emotion
3) Fuse-A new day
4) Xeper-Carceres ex novum + phil 1
5) Speedy J-Symmetry
6) Aphex twin-Schottkey 7th path
7) Autechre-Nine
8) Polygon Window-If it's really me
9) Balil-Parasight
10) Reload-The biosphere

"All that we see or seem 
 is nothing but a dream within a dream"  E.A.Poe 18--