*** WARP Discog V4.0 ****

From g303
Sent Wed, Jan 18th 1995, 16:38

I've completed updating my WARP discog and have uploaded it to hyperreal.

It's now completely up to date. The format has been changed for extra 
clarity, and many new comments and much missing information has added.  

I am not at this stage going to post it to the list because:

1. It's fucking massive ie. 28K
2. Not everyone likes discogs.

So, I'm just going to post the details of the last 16 singles, and 8 LPs.
If you want the whole thing, and who wouldn't, mail me, and if you
ask nicely enough I might post it to you :)

If I get hundreds of requests, I'll post it as a whole to IDM.

Ok, so here is *** WARP Discog V4.0 Lite ***

Enjoy! Remember, this is not a shopping list. It just looks like one :)


3	0	3

Compiled and maintained by Greg (303) Eden [redacted@example.com]
Many, many thanks must go to Nuutti 'Gordon' Meril{inen and James Skilton.  

Please mail any corrections or comments to my above email address.
Feel free to distribute, but please keep intact.

Last ammended 18/1/95


3	0	3
Warp's Address:	Warp Records 
         	PO Box 474
         	S1 3BW

Warp's Phone:   +44 (0)1742 757589

Comments appear in square brackets. Writing credits also are in [brackets]
by the side of each track, or are the same as the credit directly above.  

If different formats have vastly different tracks/track order, both are
listed. CD bonus tracks are marked [CD+]. Details are listed by the
following method...

Catalogue Number
::::	Artist
::::	Title
::::	Release Date
::::	Available Formats
:::: 	Track#	Track Name		[Writing accreditation]

Track numbering has been standardised for clarity.



The catalogue numbers listed are mainly for vinyl versions. To obtain
the catalogue number for CD or cassette versions add CD or C    
respectively after the number. For a 7" version, add 7 before WAP.

::::	Circle City
::::	Moments Of Inertia
::::	17/1/94
::::	12" CD					[Circle City]
::::	1.	Moments of Inertia (Original Mix)
	2.	Moments of Inertia (Rhythm Invention Remix)
	3.	Moments of Inertia (Kleptomaniacs Meet Circle City Remix)

::::	Lex Loofah
::::	Freaky Deaky
::::	17/1/94
::::	12" CD
::::	A1	Freaky Deaky (More Bounce To The Ounce Mix)	[Gilpin]
	B1	Step Off
	B2	Ooh La La

::::	David Holmes
::::	Johnny Favorite
::::	17/1/94
::::	12" CD					[David Holmes]
::::	A1	Johnny Favourite (Exploding Plastic Inevitable Mix)
	B1	Johnny Favourite (Exploding Plastic Ambience Mix)

::::	Black Mojo
::::	Mojo's Workin'
::::	14/3/94
::::	12" CD
::::	A1	Mojo's Workin'			[Gilpin/Shamshad]
	B1	Mojo's Workin' (Lex Remix)

::::	Autechre
::::	Basscadet EP
::::	[25/4/94??]
::::	10" [Part 1 of a 3 part 10" box set, with the box] 
::::	A1	Basscadet (Bcdtmx)
	B1	Basscadet (Beaumonthannanttwomx)

::::	Autechre
::::	Basscadet EP
::::	[25/4/94??]
::::	10" [Part 2 of a 3 part 10" box set]
::::	A1	Seefeelmx
	B1	Basscadoublemx

::::	Autechre
::::	Basscadet EP
::::	[25/4/94??]
::::	10" [Part 3 of a 3 part 10" box set]
::::	A1	Tazmx
	B1	12/4Cadetmx

[WAP44CD listing]
1.	Bcdtmx
2.	Beaumonthannanttwomx
3.	Seefeelmx
4.	Tazmx
5.	Basscadubmx

::::	Seefeel
::::	Starethrough EP
::::	[18/4/94??] 
::::	12" CD
::::	A1	Starethrough		[Clifford/Peacock]
	A2	Air-Eyes		[Clifford/Seymour/Peacock]
	B1	Spangle			[Clifford/Fletcher/Seymour/Peacock]
	B2	Lux1			[Clifford]

::::	Speedy J
::::	Pepper
::::	[11/4/94??] 
::::	12"
::::	A1	Pepper (The Hot Mix)		[J. Papp]	
	B1	Beam Me Up! (The Pegasus Mix)	[Atlantic Ocean]			

[WAP46CD listing]
1.	Beam Me Up! (The Pegasus Mix)
2.	Pepper (The Hot Mix)
3.	Live '94

::::	Coco Steel & Lovebomb
::::	Set Me Free!
::::	[??] 
::::	12"
::::	A1	Set Me Free	(Faster Vocal)		[Mellor/Waterman]
	A2	Set Me Free	(Wakefield Deep Dub)
	B1	Dub It		(Big Girl Mix)		[Mellor]

::::	GAK   [*]
::::	GAK
::::	6/6/94
::::	12" CD
::::	A1	GAK1		[Allegedly Richard D. James]
	A2	GAK2
	B1	GAK3
	B2	GAK4

[* - "Retrieved from Warp archives 1990"]

::::	Joey Beltram
::::	Caliber EP [*]
::::	23/7/94
::::	12"
::::	A1	Caliber				[J. Beltram]
	A2	Electric	
	B1	Orion
	B2	Drome

[* - This EP is supposedly 0.303 hours long.]

::::	Sabres Of Paradise
::::	Wilmot 1
::::	[??]
::::	12" MC
::::	A1	Wilmot
	B1	Rumble Summons

[WAP50CD listing] 
1.	Wilmot
2.	Wilmot Meets Lord Scruffage
3.	Siege Refrain
4.	Wilmot Edit

::::	Sabres Of Paradise
::::	Wilmot 2
::::	[??]
::::	10"
::::	A1	Wilmot Meets Lord Scruffage
	B1	Wilmot's Last Skank

::::	Coco Steel & Lovebomb
::::	Summer Rain
::::	17/9/94
::::	12"
::::	A1	Summer Rain	(Wakefield Vocal Mix)
	A2	Summer Rain	(Zagzig Jazz Mix)
	B1	Summer Rain	(Never Like This Dub)

::::	RAC [*]
::::	Tangents
::::	19/9/94 
::::	12" CD
::::	A1	Oscillator			[Duckenfield/Benson]
	A2	Hub
	B1	Quexos
	B2	Bad Altitude

[* - stands for Richard And Chris aka Sheffield DJs Astrix and Space]

::::	Seefeel
::::	FractureTied
::::	27/9/94
::::	10" CD
::::	A1	Fracture			[Clifford/Seefeel]
	B1	Tied				[Clifford]

::::	Autechre
::::	Anti EP	[*]
::::	15/10/94
::::	12" CD
::::	A1	Lost				[Booth/Brown]
	A2	Djarum
	B1	Flutter

[* - Also called AeP. Flutter contain non-repetitive beats 'legal' under]
[the UK's Criminal Justice bill.]

::::	K Hand [*]
::::	Global Warning
::::	[??]
::::	12"
::::	A1	Global Warning (Underground Mix)
	B1	Acid 101 (Acacia Mix)		
	B2	Edge Water (Aqua Mix)

[* - Licensed from Acacia Records, Detroit]

::::	LFO
::::	Tied Up
::::	28/11/94
::::	12" CD
::::	A1	Tied Up				[Bell/Varley]
	A2	Tied Up Electro		
	B1	Tied Up (Sweep Mix)
	B2	Tied Up (Acid Mix)

[WAP56CD listing]
1.	Tied Up
2.	Tied Up Electro
3.	Tied Up (Sweep Mix)
4.	Tied Up (Acid Mix)
5.	Tied Up (Spiritualized)

::::	LFO
::::	Tied Up Spiritualised Remix
::::	28/11/94
::::	12"
::::	A1	Tied Up Spiritualized "Electric Mainline Mix"
	B1	Nurture    [This is a remix of the WAP14 version]		

[**** Future Single Releases ****]

WAP??	Drexciya 5  [Jan 95??]


To obtain the catalogue number add LP CD MC after WARP for vinyl, CD and 
Music Cassette respectively, if available in that format.
CD bonus tracks are marked [CD+]. If track listing/order are vastly
different both are listed.

::::	Autechre 
::::	Incunabula			[* AI No.7 *]
::::	29/11/93
::::	Ltd Ed Silver 2xLP 2xLP CD MC
::::	A1	Kalpol Introl			[Sean Booth/Rob Brown]
	A2	Bike
	A3	Autriche
	B1	Bronchus
	B2	Basscadet
	B3[*]	Eggshell	
	C1	Doctrine
	C2	Maetl
	C3	Wind Wind
	D1	Low Ride
	D2	444

[* - Track is missnumbered on vinyl]

::::	DiY
::::	Strictly 4 Groovers
::::	6/12/93
::::	2xLP CD MC
::::	1.	Firenze:			Orange is Orange
	2.	Victor Dynagroove Ensemble:	Elevator
	3.	Essa:				Up Out There
	4.	Overview:			Be Still (Vickerstraat Mix)
	5.	Sandmen:			Thelma (Fallout Mix)
	6.	Nail:				Cassiopeia
	7.	Serve Chilled:			Eve's Theme
	8.[*]	Barney:				Dabud
	9.[*]	Studio 54:			Samnolli

[* - CD only]

::::	Richard H. Kirk
::::	Virtual State
::::	31/1/94
::::	2xLP CD MC
::::	A1	November X-ray Mexico		[Kirk]
	A2	Frequency Band
	A3	Come
	B1	Freezone 
	B2	Clandestine Transmission
	B3	The Feeling (Of Warmth and Beauty)
	C1	Velodrome
	C2	Soul Catcher
	D1	World War Three
	D2	Lagoon West

::::	Kenny Larkin
::::	Azimuth
::::	28/2/94
::::	Ltd Ed with Free 7" 2xLP 2xLP CD MC
::::	A1	Hello				[Larkin]
	A2	Azimuth
	A3	Track		
	B1	ESP		
	B2	Funk In Space	
	C1	Harmonics	
	C2	Tedra		
	C3	Doppler
	D1	Wires
	D2	Q
	D3	My Travels

[Ltd Free 7" listing]
A1	Wondering
B1	Q (Right Brain Mix)

::::	Aphex Twin
::::	Selected Ambient Works II
::::	7/3/94
::::	Ltd Ed Brown Vinyl 3xLP 3xLP 2xCD
::::	[light green side]		
	A1	[cliffs]		[Richard D. James]
	A2	[radiator]		
	A3	[rhubarb]		
	A4	[hankie]
	[dark green side]		[*** NB No track listing, only  ***]
	B1	[grass]			[*** pictures for each track.   ***]
	B2	[mold]
	B3	[curtains]		
	B4	[blur]
	[light brown side]		[*** Some editions came with    ***]
	C1	[weathered stone]	[*** 4 free Aphex logo stickers.***]
	C2	[tree]
	C3	[domino]
	C4	[white blur 1]
	[orange side]
	D1	blue calx
	D2	[parallel strips]
	D3	[shiny metal rods]
	D4	[grey stripe]
	D5	[z twig]
	[red side]
	E1	[windowsill]
	E2	[stone in focus] [*]
	E3	[hexagon]
	E4	[lichen]
	[dark brown side]
	F1	[spots]
	F2	[tassels]
	F3	[white blur 2]
	F4	[matchsticks]

[* - This track is only on vinyl]

::::	RAC
::::	Diversions
::::	[2/5/94??]
::::	MiniLP CD MC
::::	A1	Highwire
	A2	Mindfield
	A3	Electro Fish
	B4	Raindancer
	B5	Detour

[WARP CD22 listing]
1.	Electro Fish		[Including "The best of Nucleus releases"]
2.	High Wire
3.	Hula Hoops
4.	Raindancer
5.	Mindfield
6.	Wavelength
7.	Neo Rio
8.	Choobes
9.	Detour

::::	Various
::::	Artifical Intelligence II
::::	[??]
::::	Ltd Edition Free 12" 2xLP 2xLP 2xCD
::::	A1	Mark Franklin:		Release To The System
	A2	H.I.A:			Selenite
	A3	Link:			Arcadian
	B1	B12:			Scriptures
	B2	Autechre:		Chatter
	B3	Speedy J:		Symmetry
	C1	Beaumont Hannant:	Utuba
	C2	Richard H. Kirk:	Reality Net
	C3	Balil:			Parasight
	D1	Seefeel:		Spangle
	D2	Darrel Fitton:		Blipsalt
	D3	Polygon Window:		My Teapot

[Ltd Free 12" listing]
A1	Darrel Fitton:	Metalurg
B1	Kenny Larkin:	Maritime

[The Ltd Ed CD also has a "hidden" Scanner track, but not 'Metalurg']

::::	Various
::::	Motion		[This is WARP video featuring music from AI2]
::::	25/5/94
::::	VHS Video Tape

one.	(Nanotechnics.1)
	Written & Directed:  David Slade.
	Designed & Animated: David Slade,Jake Knight @The Traveling Matte Co.
	Music:	Beaumont Hannant (Utuba)

two.	(Mirage)
	Written, Directed, Designed, Animated: Phil Wolstenholme @Machon Bank
	Music:	Scanner, Polygon Window (Polygon Window), Richard H Kirk
	(Reality Net)

three.	(Corpus Porpoise Posthumous non Polhemus)
	Written & Directed:  David Slade.
	Designed & Animated: David Slade,Jess Scott Hunter.
	Music:	Speedy J (Symmetry)

four.	(Lifespan)
	Written, Directed, Designed, Animated: Phil Wolstenholme @Machon Bank
	Music:	Mark Franklin (Release To The System - B.Hannant Remix)

five.	(Sim)(biotics)
	Written, Directed, Animated: Jess Scott Hunter.
	Music:	Autechre (Basscadet)

::::	Coco Steel & Lovebomb
::::	It!
::::	17/8/94
::::	Ltd.Ed 2xLP With Free 7" 2xLP CD
::::	A1	Progress			[Mellor/Davies]
	A2	You Can't Stop The Groove!	[Mellor/Waterman]
	B3	Disco Dub			[Mellor/Woodrow]
	B4	Set Me Free			[Mellor/Waterman]
	B5	Work It				[Mellor]
	C6	La Cote Sauvage			[Mellor]
	C7	Harlem				[Stokes/Mellor]
	C8	T.G.V.				[Mellor]
	D9	Summer Rain			[Mellor]
	D10	Express				[Woodrow/Mellor]
	D11	Feel It				[Mellor]

[Ltd Ed 7" listing]
A1	Faster (Set Me Free)
B1	Find A Better Way

::::	Autechre
::::	Amber
::::	7/11/94
::::	2xLP CD MC
::::	A1	Foil				[Booth/Brown]
	A2	Montreal
	A3	Silverside
	B1	Slip
	B2	Glitch
	B3	Piezo
	C1	Nine
	C2	Furthur
	D1	Yulquen
	D2	Nil
	D3	Teartear

::::	Sabres of Paradise
::::	Haunted Dancehall
::::	28/1194
::::	2xLP CD MC
::::	Bubble and Slide		[Weatherall/Kooner/Burns]
	Bubble and Slide 2
	Duke of Earlsfield
	Flight Path Estate
	Planet D
	Tow Truck
	Theme 4
	Return to Planet D
	Ballad of Nicky McGuire
	Jacob Street (7am)
	Chapel Street Market (9am)
	Haunted Dancehall

[CD+]	Theme

::::	The Black Dog
::::	Spanners
::::	16/1/94
::::	2xLP CD MC
::::	A1	Raxmus
        A2	Bolt 1
	A3	Barbola Work
        A4	Bolt 2
      	A5	Psil - Cosyin
      	B1	Chase The Manhatten
       	B2	Bolt 3 
        B3	Tahr
        B4	Bolt 4
        B5	Further Harm
        C1	Nommo
        C2	Bolt 5
	C3	Pot Noodle
        C4	Bolt 6
        C5	End Of Time
        D1	Utopian Dream
        D2	Bolt 7
        D3	Frisbee Skip
        D4	Chesh

[**** Future Album Releases ****]

A new Nightmares On Wax LP 		[??]
LFO's 2nd LP   _Advance_ 		[Feb 95?]
A Global Communication Compilation??	[??]

Big, big thanks to those who've helped, sorry if I missed anybody!


Hans Veneman
Nuutti 'Gordon' Meril{inen.
and all (well most of :) the IDM and UK-Dance crew.