Re: Review: Artificial Intelligence II

From L.J.Pit
Sent Wed, Jul 27th 1994, 09:39


> 12. Polygon Window : My Teapot
>  To be honest, when I first heard this I was very dissapointed. On a 
> first listen it sounded like a poorly structured, plodding mess of sound 
> but now im not so sure. Its along the same lines as "Phlid" in many way 
> using the same or similar farty samples. Ive listened to it many times 
> now though and I get the get feeling there is genius behind this madness 
> - its awkwardnes is beginning to make sense in my mind. The only thing I 
> can really say is to take a listen for yourself. 

I am desperately hoping he's going to do a full album with this sort of 
stuff. At first you may indeed think it is rubbish, a pile of garbage sounds, 
but it is not. It is genius. It has a lot of logic in it.

Btw, a friend of mine says My Teapot consists of only _one_ sound. I'm not
convinced yet, and find it difficult to believe (I have the CD, not the 
vinyl version and no sampler to analyse and play around with the sound), but I 
know that when my friend says that sort of things he's usually right. What do 
others here think about this? Could it be possible?