I have seen the light, and it is a Minimoog overload lamp

From fEEd
Sent Tue, Apr 25th 1995, 08:06

Well, I recently traded my Doepfer maq 16/3 sequencer to Chris Sattinger for 
a week for his minimoog in hope of figuring out why everyone else loved 
Minimoogs and why I have never been a big fan.  Without going into to many 
details, I figured it out and know what a fool I have been in the past to 
call my memorymoog "6 minimoogs in a box".  the Memorymoog is an incredible 
machine in its own right, but it definitely is a different beast alltogether.

In closing I would like to say, FIND ME A MINIMOOG!!!!  In a week when 
i trade this thing back I will be going through withdrawal, so if I can 
find one before then that would be great.  Thank you. ;>

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   "The patch in fig. 2-23 gives the sound of a cracking whip.  (Why 
    don't you try to synthesize some screams to go along with it?)"

                                 - Roland Model 104 Sequencer Manual