Re: [AH] monophonic midi->cv board /retrofit

From Florian Anwander
Sent Thu, Apr 10th 2008, 10:11

Hi James,

as far as I remember, the SEMs require 10V or 14V gate (please correct
me if I am wrong). You won't get this by all the mentioned interfaces.
The only single voice multi signal interface I know to provide this, is
the Doepfer MCV4 which can provide the Gate voltage from the incoming
powersupply voltage instead of the 5 Volts from the regulated V++.


James R. Coplin wrote:

> Does anyone know of a good MIDI->CV retrofit for a general monophonic synth?
> I own a couple of Encore Expressionist and I love them but I would like to
> find a circuit board type package that I can just build into my SEM racks
> that would give me the functionality.  I want it to be fairly robust: note
> on/off, mod, at, velocity, and maybe a controller or two.  Ideas?
> James R. Coplin
> (郭杰明)
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