Re: [AH] FS Analog for sale

From Zoran Bosnjak
Sent Mon, Jan 12th 2004, 03:15

Filter Input? Do you mean external audio feed into the filter, or CV cutoff 
control of the filter?

While CV cuttof filter feature would be great, external feed is phenomenal. 
I have SH-101 that is modded like that, and IC3109 sounds sooo good. I patch 
3340s from Doepfer that are cross- modded into SH-101, and this combination 
sounds excellent.


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>Subject: Re: [AH] FS Analog for sale
>Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 14:03:31 -0500
>best sequencer ever? lol
>while its sequencer was nice for the time, it is definately not in my top 5
>sequencers...  a couple little known things about the 202 (although most
>AHers will know) is that the 202 has the ability to sequence an external
>synth on a second sequencer channel, it has TWO accent modes, and has a tap
>input mode which basically records whatever you press in  (including gate
>and step  times )
>one great great thing that you potential buyers should be considering is 
>ease of adding an input into the mc-202 filter.   when I had my 202 I did
>this and it took about 20 minutes and made the 202 twice as useful.
>I really loved my 202... if someone found a bunch new in box somewhere, I'd
>be half tempted to pick another one up just to goof off with
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>Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2004 8:39 PM
>Subject: [AH] FS Analog for sale
> > I am looking to sell a nice MC-202 analog sequencer/mono synth. It has
> > original instruction books & original cardboard box it came in!  It is 
> > operational condition and 95% cosmetic, looks clean and new except for 2
> > cracks on corners in plastic (common to 202's).  The 202 was touted as 
> > "best sequencer ever"  on a recent thread here on analog sequencers!
> >
> > I also have a mint Boss Dr-110 (original instructions, original 
> > box, original silver carrying case)  analog drum machine that is modded
>for din
> > synch to sell.  It is  known for the best analog clap sound of any drum
> > ever.
> >
> > So the pair are synchable and a great techno combo.  $450 for the pair,
> > for the 202 alone.  I have bought/sold and traded on AH so I probably 
> > feedback you could check out in the archive.  Also have ebay feedback.
> > looking for a  paypal sale if at all possible.
> > Thanks!

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