Doepfer modular

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

> These modules must have low quality components and made in a Chinese 
> Sweatshop to be so cheap!  Serge is reasonable for what it is because a 
> 2600 was 2,600 dollars in 1975 and a Buchla 200 series(full 
> system)14,000$1971.The Doepfer modular Sounds like the"YUGO" of the 
> synthesizer world!
And the new Apple Computers must be crap, man. It they really do that
power for that low money, they can't work in a realiable way. I know
from the 80's that 0.0001 MFlops must be 10000$ :-))))

Of course you are not that wrong, as analogue technologie didn't improve
that much. And I also belive that they may get it manufactured in China.
My sweater is as well, I belive, and my TV, even my car is Japanese !

All right I got some low cost products, but they work well for me.
If I once drive a big Mercedes (hope I never will) and own a
Grundig Cinema size TV, I'll also own a Serge, I am shure.
That's also the same reason why I own a Mackie Mixer.

Pretty good and pretty cheap.

Once I can afford to forget what "pretty" is, I'll also go for a 20000$
console. But to look at the specific power/value ratio I think
the Doepfer is good indeed,

I hope that did't sound like a flame, but simply a speech of the heart.
That's just like I feel in my whole young live. I had to live with
compromises and got somehow used to it. Blessed who isn't,


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