Manuals etc

From Adam L Read
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 1970, 01:00

To friends out there?

I am looking for copies of :

EMS - AKS / Synthi A Manuals or documentation.
EMS - Pitch To Voltage Converter (Model 629/3) ...anything..........
Oberheim OB-8 Owners Manual

I have to offer in exchange copies of:

Korg MS20 Owners Manual
Korg MS20 Setting Examples
Korg MS20 Service Manual
CZ1000 Operation Manual
TR808 Operation Card
TR808 Factory Patterns
TR808 Operation Manual
Juno 60 Operation Manual
Juno 60 Patch Program Data Sheet
MSQ700 Owners Manual
TR909 Owners Manual
Prophet VS Operation Manual
Prophet VS Service Manual + v1.2 release notes
Yamaha CS10/30/30L Patch Charts
Roland Catalogue Vol6.	(J6,J8, S100m, TB303 etc) + 1 original
		Vol8.	(MKS80, JX10 etc) 
		1986	(S50, MC500 etc)

Any Emulator 1 owners out there? Not analog, but where else would you hear about this dinosaur?

Adam L Read