Re: [AH] Roland TR-808 MIDI

From Stewart Pye
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

Hi Hallvard,

I'm working on a board that converts midi note on and velocity values into
velocity controlled voltage pulses. It will work with most drum machines as
dip switches select the polarity of the trigger, and the maximum trig level
can be trimmed globally. This project was put on hold for a while due to
time constraints but should be finished soon.

I'm not sure if the board will fit inside the 808 as I've never seen inside
one but it's about 80mm*100mm. It has Midi thru, 8 velocity controlled
trigger outputs, Din sync output, and 5 5V trigger outputs. Dip switches
select the midi channel and key range along with different modes. This will
be sold as a kit, including double sided PCB and all components.


Stewart Pye.


At 12:30 PM 11/01/2000 +0100, Hallvard Tangeraas wrote:
>All this talk about the TR-808 drum machine reminded me of something
>to ask the list:
>Does anyone know of a DIY circuit diagram or a kit which allows me to
>fit MIDI inside the unit? It doesn't have to be advanced. All I need is
>to be able to trigger each sound from MIDI. Velocity would be nice, but
>not necessary really.
>As cheap as possible.
>Anyone done a modification like this with success?
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