Re: Doepfer A-100, Serge and Roland

From rolandman1
Sent Tue, Nov 14th 1995, 22:25

In a message dated 95-11-14 12:08:47 EST, you write:

>- From all the talk I've seen, from owners of Serge equipment
>- From talking to Rex Probe from STS (Serge)
>- From going over every module in their catalog
>- And finally from reading the detailed module listing of the Doepffer
>units that someone kindly posted a couple of months ago ....
>I've come to the following beliefs:

>- A very simple Serge system will be far more capable of complex sounds and
>patches than a more complex Doepffer system, because the Serge modules have
>modulation routings beyond belief!
>- The Doepffer modules are all VERY simple with nowhere near enough mod
>routings and patchability.

>In conclusion, if I were to choose between a simple Serge system and a
>which would lead to much greater aural interest / longevity.>

i'd like to agree with ric's post and also like to say that its the same
situation with the roland modular vs the serge stuff.  as sad as it makes me
to admit the serge's superiority to that which bears the roland name, its the
absolute truth....
flexibility-wise, the serge DESTROYS the 100m and 700.  but of course, if
you're looking for a patchable, 2-oscillator sh-101,  then by all means, go
for a system 100m...

(the *notorious*)