RE: (amb) African American Art

From Kelley Hackett
Sent Thu, May 13th 1999, 13:42

Damn John, that is a phat ass point.  And U are absolutely correct!  

I fucking Love Mr. Fingers, and that cat did create and help create the
most fluid tunes that I have heard.  

Perhaps I need to get U one big loud fucking Microphone so U can
broadcast that to the world!  Man, whoever U R, keep on growing because
clearly----in my eyes---U R dead on the mark!  Dead on it!

The fucking people here in America----well, I wont start!


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> >Hendrix, May, Craig, are they Pioneers, I ask u?
> Yes of course, along with Saunderson, Fowlkes, Atkins and many others.
> The 
> sad thing is that these Black Americans were recognised and respected
> as 
> originators and innovators over here (England) years ago. Jaun Atkins
> has 
> always been quite understandably bitter on this point - I mean he 
> practically invented techno 15 years ago and should by rights be a
> rich and 
> respected figure in his own country yet still lives in relative
> poverty and 
> obscurity. Sadder still, Chicago's Larry Heard (Mr Fingers, Finger
> Inc) 
> became so disheartened with the American music industry he gave up
> music to 
> work in computing just to make a living - and this man has made some
> of the 
> most beautiful melancholic music I've ever heard.
> It seems that the music industry in America is quick to see white
> musicians 
> as artists yet black musicians are only promoted as entertainers.
> Basically 
> if you're black and not making soul or rap then they don't want to
> know - I 
> just hope these guys are finally getting the props they deserve at
> home
> John
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