Doepfer Contact MCV1

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

> Have you checked out the Doepfer MCV1? It has one midi input and cv/gate
> output. Midi channels are selectable. It retails in the US for $175.00.
> It has volts per octave or volts per Hz mode.
> In UK contact Doepfer in Germany at 49-89-85-5578 or fax-49-89-854-1698
> In US call 402-894-0384 or fax 402-894-2147

That's what I call marketplace ! :-)

Ok, you kow be raving about the Doepfer MAQ and others, but I want
to throw in that I own 2 of these.
They work ok, but I can't recommend them compared to a Kenton pro2.
It's only cv-gate. No aux cv out.
On the other hand if you need the Korg style cv (hz/v) this one might
me great for you, as it features both types. with the kenton you have to
upgrade with additional cost. Programming of trhe box is easy. Just
hit a rec button and the next incoming midi note set's the channel
and the note refers to the lowest C (0V).


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