Re: [AH] Best Modular Company?

From Trip Lizard
Sent Sun, Mar 26th 2000, 22:04

One good thing about the Doepfer/Analogue Systems/Blacet/Paia systems is 
that you can mix and match pretty freely (if you're a little savvy about 
power requirements -- not too hard to figure out). If you're looking to ease 
your way into a system without dropping a wad of cash up front, this is 
definitely the way to go.

>In your opinion, which of the major modular synth companies (Doepfer,
>Analogue Systems UK, Technosaurus, Wiard, MOTM) is the best in terms of
>value, build quality, sound quality, and customer support? I'm very
>interested in building a modular synth, but there are so many companies, 
>I don't know where to start. I'm leaning toward Doepfer because of the 
>number of modules available. However, I like Technosaurus as well because I
>own their "groove pair" and I'm happy with the company as a whole. Any
>thoughts? Thanks!

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